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The leader in any given situation does not equal the loudest, the strongest or the most aggressive. The leader is simply the one who routinely determines the outcome.

 - unknown.

dog friendly, owner approved!

  • my neighbors are complaining about my dogs barking?
  • Can't walk my dog because it is aggressive towards other people, other dogs, or sometimes to me?
  • my dog freaking out when I am gone? Crying, barking, breaking out of the kennel?
  • my dog is peeing and pooping wherever they feel like it?
  • my dog is so excited and over exuberant that s/he doesn't listen to a thing I say?
  • I ask my dog to sit and they walk away. Or to come and they ignore me.
  • Someone comes to the door and my dogs go crazy barking, running, charging the door and then jump all over the person when they come in. 
  • my dogs just can not get along with each other and I have had some whopper of fights.
  • I come home and I have to brace myself to prevent getting knocked over when I walk in.
  • my dog takes me for a walk, not the other way around.  And I hope and prey we don't see a squirrel on the walk......
  • I am embarrassed about how my dog behaves when we are out in public or if friends come to my home.
  • my dog is so bad, I cant even begin to list the items I need help with......

Talk Dog Toledo Home Dog Training is a locally owned dog training company committed to teaching you how to communicate with your dog in their own language using body language and voice tones.   We teach you how to TALK DOG!!

Having issues with your dog?

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  ANY Breed,    

ANY Age,     

Any issue!

Even Puppies!

Group Classes available

Private and

In- Home

Behavioral Training

Talk Dog Toledo Dog Training


In Home Behavioral Dog Training,

Board and Train,

and Group Classes 

You are not alone in your problems!!! These are all common problems that we encounter on a daily basis here at Talk Dog Toledo.  We are here to help you gain control of your canine family member.  We offer a range of different training options to fit your needs.  Private and In home dog training, group classes or board and train options.  Serving Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. Call or email us today to find what would work best for your needs.

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