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Why Choose Talk Dog Toledo?

I am your local trainer- I live here in the Toledo area and can relate to the problems that you may be experiencing.

Training programs to meet your needs- I have programs where I come to your house or you can come to our facility.

People see the changes- Most people see changes in their dogs behavior even after just the initial training session. 

I genuinely want to help you-This is my business and I know how important our dogs are to us.  I currently have four dogs, two Great Danes, a Golden Retriever and a Pomeranians of my own and I foster dogs to make them better dogs so that they can find permanent homes of their own.  I want people to be able to enjoy their dogs instead of being frustrated with their behavior all of the time or feel that they have to give them up or euthanize them.

I am your coach and mentor- You are the ONLY one who can change your dogs behavior.  My job to come out and show you how to accomplish this.  Your dog relies on YOU to communicate what you want him/her to do.  I am your coach/mentor to guide you through this process.

Remember that the leader in any given situation does not equal the loudest, the strongest or the most aggressive. The leader is simply the one who routinely determines the outcome. 

Talk Dog Toledo- Private Dog Training

Have you been struggling with your dog and their behavior?  Has Fido been running the house?  Embarrassed with your dog’s behavior when your friends come over?   Talk Dog Toledo is the answer!! We have the right program for you and your dog. 

Imagine your dog not jumping on people he meets or pulling you down the street and instead they are walking on a loose lead next to you and sitting when someone comes up to pet them.  These new behaviors can save you embarrassment and expensive visits to the chiropractor fixing aching muscles.  Let Talk Dog help you achieve your goals of a well-behaved dog.

At Talk Dog Toledo, we understand that you love your dog, but we also want you to enjoy them without annoying behaviors.  We use obedience is a building block on which we use to create your foundation. We focus not only on obedience but also household rules that will ensure that your dog is listening to you as the leader in your home.  We want you to have a great relationship with your dog so that they learn from a trusted leader.  Being a leader is not about dominance, but about teaching your dog to make the right choices for themselves and guiding them to the behaviors that we want. We build the foundation on trust and respect.  We will teach you how to TALK DOG and your dog will start to understand what you are asking of them. Training is a lifestyle and the ongoing daily commitment by YOU is necessary for continued success.   Dogs progress efficiently with dedication to homework, repetition and reinforcement of lessons by the family.  Cheryl will tailor your dog's lessons with new challenges to meet your dog's needs to keep training fun.  

Let’s Get Started Program $475

Our Let’s Get Started program helps you get started with your dog training goals.  We will work with you on obtaining focus and good manners with your dog.

  • 3 private one on one lessons done at the Talk Dog facility in Woodville, OH
    • Client training begins with
    • Working with you and your dog to build a good foundation
  • 3-Obedience commands (ex. let’s go/loose lead walking and look)
  • 3-Behavioral Commands (ex. Off and Leave it)
  • 6 months email and phone support

Good Dog Program $775

Our Good Dog program allows you to bring your dog to us for two days and we will start working on the commands and give your dog a jumpstart to training.  This way, when he comes home, he is focusing on learning and ready for you to jump in and continue his learning.

  • 2-day jumpstart at our Talk Dog facility
  • Leadership training for client on our first visit
  • 4 private one on one lessons at: 
    • 2 @ the Talk Dog Facility
    • 2 @ your home or out in public
  • 5-Obedience commands (ex. sit, down, let’s go, come and stay)
  • 5-Behavioral commands (ex. off, leave it and drop it and crate)
  • Lifetime email and phone support


In Your Home-Good Dog Program $775

With our In Your Home Good Dog Program, we come to your home for all of the visits to see your dog in their environment.  We can see what is happening in your home and give you solutions to your problems and get control.

  • Our first visit includes a comprehensive client education where you learn to communicate and become a confident leader for your dog. 
  • 5 private one on one lessons 
    • your home
    • or out in the community to work with distractions (park, businesses, etc)
  • 5-Obedience commands (ex. sit, down, let’s go, come and stay)
  • 5-Behavioral commands (ex. off, leave it and drop it and crate)
  • Lifetime email and phone support


Obedience commands include:   Look/Watch Me, Sit, Down, Stand, Loose Lead Walking, Come, Engagement skills, Stay

Behavioral commands include:  No Jumping/OFF, Housetraining, Front Door Manners, Threshold manners, Food Manners, Leave it, Drop it, crate manners

Behavioral Help Program   $875
Dog on Dog Aggression- Dog to Person Aggression- Sibling Rivalry- Separation Anxiety- Resource Guarding

Talk Dog understands that these behaviors can be very troubling and concerning to deal with.  It is important to understand that you are not alone in this journey.  Training is so important so that your dog can be relaxed and you can enjoy your dog again.  We offer a more intense training program for these types of dogs.  Some training is done in our facility and some in your home to get the best results. 

  • 5 private training classes
    • 3 done at your home or out in public
    • 2 done at our Talk Dog Facility
  • Our first visit includes a comprehensive client education where you learn to communicate and become a confident leader for your dog.
  •  Home Manners
    • setting up an everyday list of manners and expectations for your dog
  • Customize behavioral plan to deal with your dogs problems
    • Obedience commands and Behavioral commands will be used
    • A program will be laid out to work on your individual dogs issues
  • Lifetime email and phone support


Please call for additional information and to book a lesson

Cheryl Kubista

Master Behavioral Trainer



What To Expect When We Meet

Step One- Background:  We are going to sit down, ask some questions about your dog and review your dog's behaviors.  We can then decide what your goals with training would be.

Step Two- Human Education:  I am going to teach you how to understand the world through your dogs eyes.  They are simple creatures and it is up to us to learn how to communicate effectively without pain!

Step Three- Canine Education: We are going to set up a training plan for your dog.  I teach you how to implement the exercises with your dog.  We will incorporate training into your everyday routine. We are going to work together to make sure that you can do these exercises with your dog. 

Step Four- Follow-up:  You will need to complete your homework with your dog to see the best results.  Work with them 15-20 minute sessions 2 to 3 times a day to reinforce the training.  Best training comes when it is incorporated into everyday activities.

Step Five-Revisits: We will decide on a training schedule to best meet your needs.