Novice Tricks can include:

balance beam/ramp

bang game
chase: lunge whip, laser light, soap bubbles, RC car
doggy push-ups
drop it / give
fetch (not fetch-to-hand)
find hidden treats
flying disc
follow pointed finger
food refusal / leave it
get your leash
hand signals (perform any 3 behaviors with no verbal cue)
head cock
hide and seek
hockey goalie / catch
hoop jump
jump for joy
jump over a bar
jump over my knee
kennel up
laundry basket (upturned)
memory game
muffin tin game
paws up on an object
platform jump
ring a bell to go outside
roll out a carpet with nose
shake hands (either paw)
sing / howl
speak / bark
spin circles
take a bow
touch my hand/ target stick
tunnel / chute
walk on a loose leash
weenie bobbing
which hand holds the treat?
wobble board, donut


Read trick criteria specified in one of Kyra Sundance's books or learn about them in trick class. 

Leashes: Novice and Intermediate tricks may be done on-leash to prevent the dog from running off. The leash shall not be used to pull the dog into the desired behavior. Advanced and Expert tricks must be done off-leash.

Attempts: The handler may give multiple commands and have multiple attempts at the trick, within reason (about 6 attempts for Novice and Intermediate tricks, and 4 attempts for Advanced and Expert tricks.) If the witness feels the trick performance was borderline successful, he may request the trick to be done again.

Treats: Treats (and/or toys) may be used as a reward after the trick is finished. Treats may be used as a lure, but only in the following amounts: no more than 50% of the tricks for the Novice title can employ a lure; no more than 25% of the tricks for the Intermediate title can employ a lure; and there must be no use of a food or toy lure at the Advanced and Expert level.

Helpers: No other person may help with the trick (except as specified for a particular trick).

Physical Manipulation: Handler may not physically manipulate the dog to get him to do a trick. Petting the dog at any time is fine. Lightly tapping the dog to regain his attention is fine.

Service Dogs: Service dogs and their handlers may need to alter the trick to work within their unique needs. This is fine.

Disabled Dogs: We are willing to work with you to establish alternate criteria for your disabled or very senior dog.

Advanced may include:

act ashamed / hide your head
back up
bring me a tissue (fetch only)
chorus line kicks
cross your paws
directed retrieve
distance work (any 3 behaviors, 10 feet from you, ie: sit, bow...)
double hoop sequence
get the phone when it rings
go hide
head down
jump into my arms
jump over my back
jumping figure-8s
mailbox (open mailbox door, fetch mail)
my dog can count
paintbrush painting (no bucket)
play dead
play the piano
pull a wagon
say your prayers / bow head
skateboard (front paws only)
tap light / bell / easy btn
tidy up toys (without a lid)
tracking / rapporthund
turn off the lightswitch
walk another dog
wipe your paws, dig, scratchy board, scratch art

Do More With Your Dog!®



You and your dog train together as you strive toward a goal— a trick dog title! This versatile title allows you to select tricks based upon your mutual strengths. With 101 tricks to chose from, you’re sure to find ones that are right for you and your dog! The Trick Dog title is a team title, and the same dog/handler team must perform the tricks.


Once achieved, you have earned the following:
• The suffix (NTD, ITD, ATD, or ETD) appended to your dog’s name
• A framable certificate
• Listing on the Do More With Your Dog website of officially titled Trick Dogs


The following is a list of tricks categorized by difficulty level. To earn each title level, your dog must know a specified number of tricks of a specified difficulty. You are free to choose any tricks you like from the list, so long as they total the number of points required. Perform your tricks in front of any witness (even a family member) and have your witness sign the form on page 2. The tricks need not be performed on the same day, nor for the same witness.  Official titles, however, will only be awarded to CTDI witnessed applications.

Expert may include:

bring me a soda from the fridge (open fridge, fetch, close fridge)
bring tissue, throw in trash
climb a ladder
cover your eyes
disc vault off my leg or back
distance work (any 6 behaviors while 12 feet away)
double beam
find the object with my scent
find the remote / car keys
fishing with a rope
football hike
footsies (peekaboo on feet)
Kids handstand against a wall
hoop jump over my back
jump rope
leg hike (lift rear leg)
limp (walk with front leg lifted)
litter in the step can
mailbox (open mailbox, fetch mail, close mailbox)
nose work box search/ contraband search
object guard
open a door (using handle)
paintbrush painting (including taking brush from bucket)
pickpocket pooch
pull a cart / sulky driving
push a shopping cart
shell game (paw at correct pail)
ring toss
roll a barrel or peanut (2 paws)
roll on a barrel (4 paws)
roll yourself in a blanket
rolling hoop dive
skateboard (3 or 4 paws)
summersault / handstand vault
through a hoop lying on the ground
tidy up your toys (including lid)
weave poles

Do More With Your Dog!®



• 15 tricks. (Adv. and Expert tricks count as two tricks)


• Novice title plus

• 12 tricks of intermed. or higher skill level. (Adv. and Expert tricks count as two tricks)


• Intermediate title plus

• 5 advanced or expert tricks


• Advanced title plus

• 5 tricks of expert skill level

Tricks used to earn previous titles may be used again to earn the next title.

Intermediate can include:

balance and catch
balance ball
barrel racing (go around)
baton jumping
body board / paddleboard
carry my purse
cik & cap jump wraps
close a door
crawl tunnel
directional casting
discern objects names (3 objects)
flyball box
hand signals (perform any 6 behaviors with no verbal cue)
heel at left side, automatic sit
hide in a box
hold an object in mouth (5 sec.)
honk a bike horn
jump through circled arms
ladder work (on ground)
leg weave / figure-8s
logic test (cookie on a string)
mail carrier
newspaper (from open mailbox)
open a door (using any method)
paper-covered hoop / blind jump
pawprint painting (with easel)
paws on my arm
perch work
pick a card from a deck
place (finish to my left side)
pull on a rope / tug
roll over
scootering / mushing
shell game (nose at correct pail)
side (swing finish to my left)
sit pretty / beg
soccer (push a ball)
stacking (for conformation)
target mat / go to mark
wave goodbye

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