Canine Good Citizen Training- Board and Train

2 week program is $1400/ 3 week program is $2100

That is only $100 a day for one on one training with your dog and boarding in our home environment!!!

With this board and train program, we train your dog to pass the 10 items on the AKC CGC test.  After the board and train time, we come over and teach you how to maintain the control that we have taught your dog.  Then we have you test your dog upon completion of the course.  This is a necessary step for those interested in pursuing therapy dog certification. This package builds on the basics and helps to fine tune crucial skills like sit-stay, wait, and come. We will also work on improving your dog's behavior during grooming and around distractions. By the end of the board and train sessions, your dog should be able to appropriately greet a person or another dog and walk politely on a leash past distractions.

Dogs enrolled in this package should already know very basic obedience (sit, stay, down, etc). Basic obedience training may be included but may require a longer stay to include all necessary training to prepare your dog. All ages/ breeds welcome, must be current on vaccinations. By the end of the stay, your dog will be ready to pass an advanced obedience test like the Canine Good Citizen test.

In your follow-up private sessions after your dog's stay, we will review the commands that were reinforced and teach you what is expected to pass the CGC test. By the end of the final private session, the CGC test will be administered by our certified trainer and AKC CGC evaluator (included in the cost of class enrollment). In the event you do not pass on your first attempt to take the CGC test, you will be permitted to attend any CGC prep workshop or retake the test for free. 

Board and Train Option

​2 week program is $1400/3 week program is $2100

That is only $100 a day for one on one training with your dog and boarding in our home environment!!!

The board and train option is designed to allow our Talk Dog Toledo trainer to lay the foundation on your behalf and build a relationship with your dog. Your dog will live with Cheryl and her family in an intimate setting 24/7 while being trained and rehabilitated.  Your dog will be on a structured meal plan, exercise routine and training sessions throughout the day and be treated like part of the family. Veterinarian prescribed medications can be given at your request.  While most dogs qualify for our two-week rehabilitation program, there are some who will require a longer stay for successful management by their owner. Please contact us so we can help you assess which program best suits you and your dog’s needs.    

Your dog must be crate trained prior to their scheduled stay with us, in order for your dog to make a smooth transition into the Talk Dog Toledo program.  Please feel free to ask for free guidance ahead of time so that your dog learns to love the crate and sees it as its calm den. 

While here at Talk Dog Toledo, your dog will have real-life training experiences both indoors and out in the real world.  Throughout the daily training, your dog will have the appropriate amount of rest to digest its lessons and decompress in between lessons. Talk Dog Toledo believes that once your dog is done with an intense training,  a quiet rest is important for your dog.  It also allows the dog to learn how to have an "off switch" which is key for your pack member to have long-term success once it returns to you.  

We will be sending regular updates by text or video so that you can be included in this exciting transformation as it happens.  When your training with Cheryl is complete, she'll return your dog to you and train you and the rest of your family. She'll teach you to understand how to TALK DOG and how to implement the structure and commands your dog has learned.

In order to ensure a smooth transition and see that the structured plan is maintained, ongoing check-ins are made by Cheryl via phone or text for 90 days after training is complete at no extra charge.  Your dog's success will greatly depend on your commitment to follow through and remain consistent with our training protocol. 

No dog will be enrolled that is extremely aggressive or hyperactive (as determined in the free consultation).  Talk Dog Toledo does not claim to *fix* aggression.  

Here at Talk Dog Toledo, we limit the number of rehabilitation dogs in our program to 1 or 2 at a time. This allows plenty of one on one time with the dogs as well as play time with them. 

There is an additional charge for any training collars or supplies used in the training of your dog.  These items will come home with you so that you may continue training your dog in their home environment.  Training does not end when they come home, you dog must see the same commitment and consistency from you as they saw from Cheryl in her home.

During the first consultation/pick up day with Talk Dog Toledo trainer, we will talk about what expectations you have for your dog and what exercises that we will cover while your dog is in the board and train program. 

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Talk Dog Toledo- Board and Train​

Non refundable deposit to confirm dates of training- must be completed with paperwork submission- (2%convienience fee)

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