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The Trainer:

Talk Dog Toledo's Master Trainer Cheryl Kubista has trained over 3,000 dogs in Toledo and the surrounding areas over the last 14 years.   During her extensive training program, she was taught to understand not just the way dogs act, but the way that they think.  She has taught thousands of owners how to deal with their behavioral problems in a way that their dog understands. Using effective and kind dog training.

She is currently a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.  She also is a certified AKC Star puppy evaluator, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and AKC Community Canine Evaluator.  Cheryl is also a tester/evaluator for Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Pets Unlimited.

She believes in getting out and volunteering in the community.  She has been a therapy dog tester/observer for the last 8 years with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  She has volunteered with her therapy dogs for the last 12 years.  Also volunteering her professional skills to evaluate dogs at Planned Pethood, the Sandusky County Humane Society and fostering some of the dogs in the PPI program.

Our Mission through home dog training-group classes and Board and Train

Our mission here at Talk Dog Toledo is to help owners realize the benefits of responsible dog ownership through proper training and leadership.  Strengthening the bond between human and canine will help eliminate unwanted behaviors and ultimately reduce the number of surrendered, abandoned or euthanized dogs.

Quite often, the dogs surrendered to shelters and rescues demonstrate behavioral issues that could have been easily corrected with proper training.  Talk Dog Toledo strives for effective training solutions to restore harmony to your family in a timely manner. 

Talk Dog Toledo is a locally owned dog training company committed to teaching you how to communicate with your dog in their own language using body language and voice commands.  We offer a variety of training options to best suit your needs. 

Our private lessons are done either at our training facility or in your home.  We have a few packages available to meet your individual needs.  Private lessons are great for those who want the extra attention to your dog.  I can adjust the skills to meet your needs. 

If you enjoy getting together with other dog owners, then group classes may be better for you and your dog. Our classes are fun and engaging for both you and your dog.  We offer classes to start from a new puppy all the way up to being a community canine!! 

Our Board and Train option is great from someone with a new puppy or dog who just doesn't have the time to commit to training them.  I provide the dog with a jumpstart to their training program.  Your dog comes and lives with my pack and myself in my home.   They socialize with my dogs while they are here.  We set aside one on one training times 2x a day to work on their obedience skills.  When they come home, I show you exactly what your dog learned and how to maintain the training in your home. Our packages offer revisits after the initial training to make sure that your dog is fully understanding that you are the leader and to remain consistent with training.

Here at Talk Dog Toledo Home Dog Training, we are here to teach you Behavioral Modification not just Obedience Training.  We teach you to understand how your dog thinks using the ways that dogs learn from each other. Dogs communicate using body language and voice tones.  Most importantly it is not about causing fear in your dog if they do wrong, but being a fair and trusted leader and teaching your dog to think on their own and make the right choices. 

A lot of the behaviors that Talk Dog Toledo gets called upon to train are acceptable in the canine world.   The leader guides the other dogs around (pulling on the leash, rushing past us on stairs and out doorways, etc.), the most confident dog decides when it is time to do things (when to play, eat, interact, sleep, etc.), they control the den (jumping on people coming in, grabbing their hands to guide them to what they want, etc.), they mark their territory (peeing on perimeter of yard, or out on a walk, on a bag of food, anything that they think is theirs).  These are all things that your dog thinks are the way that he/she should be acting but in the human world are unacceptable and we want under control. 

Talk Dog Toledo teaches you how set boundaries that you can use in your everyday life to communicate with your dog what is acceptable and not.  Your everyday interactions are the times that your dog tries to gain control of the house; by jumping, mouthing, barking at you and just demanding certain interactions. Your dog will feel more secure and comfortable with you knowing what to expect and learn to follow your leadership. 

We do not specialize in one breed, puppies or adult, or small or large dogs.  We handle all dogs, all breeds, all sizes and all behavioral problems from obedience to aggression. INCLUDING YOURS!!!   We have success with over 3,000 dogs in Toledo and the surrounding areas. We focus on teaching YOU what I know so you can be the best leader that YOU can be. 

When we come out, Talk Dog Toledo customizes our training program to suit you and your dogs' needs.  There is no cookie cutter approach to dog training here.  We are here to be your coach and mentor though the training process.  We are here to teach you how to TALK DOG!

Certifications and Achievements:

* Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals

* AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

* Observer/Evaluator at Alliance of Therapy Dogs

* Evaluator at Therapy Pets Unlimited

* Served as a Board Member for 4 years at the Wood County Humane Society

* Evaluator, Foster Parent and Volunteer with Planned Pethood for the last 12 years

* Completed C.E.L.E.T- training certification- Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training

* Sue Sternberg- Sociability vs Dog Aggression

* Taking Dog People and Dog Trainers to the Next Level” -Instructors (world-renowned):George Cockrell

* Do More with Your Dog- CTDI (certified Trick Dog Instructor)

* Do More with Your Dog- CCC (Canine Conditioning Coach)

What to Expect

Real Life Training

TALK DOG teaches you how to communicate with your dog in everyday life situations.  This way your dog starts to make appropriate choices when things happen.


Leadership Training

TALK DOG teaches you how to be a fair and trustworthy leader in your dogs eyes.  This leads to a dog that respects you and what you are asking. 


Praise Driven

Your dog needs to know when they make the right choice.  So many people are quick to correct, but never tell their dog when they do good.  We use your encouragement and occasionally treats!

Dog Learns to Think

TALK DOG training teaches your dog tomake choices for themselves.  If you always tell them what to do, they never learn to make right decisions.

Talk Dog Toledo

Home Dog Training, Group Classes,

Consultations, and Board and Train